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In stock now! Model Short, rearDrive, Sloped Red Box w/ Door

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SKU 3122E-1800.08-32202-1804-1851-4453.1000
  • Description
  • Powertrain
  • Specs
  • Based on the Model Light, The model Short, AKA “the cutest Christiania” is equipped with a box that is 25 cm (approx 10”) shorter in front. This smaller, lighter design allows even greater maneuverability in city traffic and is perfect for cyclists who require less cargo space.!

    This Model SHORT comes equipped with::

    Sloped Red box with door
    rearDrive with Hydraulic front disc brakes
    Y Belt.
    Front Light
    Foot Step
  • Powertrain

    The Model Short comes preinstalled with a rearDrive electric system.

    Rear Drive- The most economical choice, this no-nonsense rear hub system from Denmark’s ProMovec will flatten out hills and help you cruise across town with ease. Equipped with Hydraulic disc brakes and 8 speed derailleur.*

  • Weight: 34kg

    Dimensions: 208 × 87 × 117 cm

    Box Size: 235 L

    Turning radius: 480 cm

    Rim: Made in the EU; aluminum alloy; single-bounded

    Handlebar: Own design, made in Denmark, galvanized steel

    Front Frame: Aluminum alloy in mat black finish; assembled in Denmark

    Wheel Brackets: Galvanized steel, made in Denmark

    Wheels: Made in Denmark, wheel size: 24"

    Spokes: Made in the EU; 2.33 mm stainless steel

    Chain: High-end chain made of galvanized or stainless steel

    Rear Frame: Aluminum alloy in mat black finish, assembled in Denmark

    Payload: 100 kg

    Box: Internal dimensions 88 x 62 x 50/36 cm +/- 0.5 cm, hand built in Denmark

    Permissible max weight: 235kg

    Hub: Own designed front hubs; made for heavy loads; made of aluminum alloy; with deep groove ball-bearings.

    Wood: 9 mm birch of highest quality, from the EU, FSC certified, water-proof

    Mudguards: 24" stainless steel

    Steering: Danish made steering system with high-end German made steering damper

    Comply with: Directive 2014/30/EU, Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, Standard EN 15914