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Packing My Bike Bag

Packing My Bike Bag

One of the things that I love about Christiania is that their accessories are as well designed and thought out as their bikes.  This bag slides on by the handlebars, making it easy access while biking.  When you get where you're going the bag functions perfectly as a crossbody bag.  This frees up room in the bike too for bulkier possessions or for things I don't mind if little hands touch!

Here's what I pack in my bag for a busy day out biking.  I'm a big fan of using pouches to make it easy to grab what I need within my bag

  • Glasses-both kinds!
  • Wallet
  • Pouch with snacks
  • Pouch with hand sanitizer, wipes, sunscreen, lotion and chapstick
  • keys

For a long day out, I usually bring my chargers--phone and bike and my pouch with extra bike lights.

Off we go!

Ready for adventures!

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