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Senior Cargo Bike, Taxi
Model 2 wheeler
Model S with wheelchair
customized Model Nobox
Model Short

Which Christiania is right for you?

"The Classic Christiania"

Classic: Sloped & Straight

• Human Powered or Electric

• Seats up to 4 children

• 4 box styles to choose from

• Box size 88 x 62 x H50/36 cm

"The Cutest Christiania"

Classic Short

• Human Powered or Electric

• Seats up to 2 Children

• 2 box styles to choose from

• Box size 63 x 62 x H50/36 cm

Classic Long

• Human Powered or Electric

• Seats up to 6 Children

• 2 box styles to choose from

• Box size 118 x 62 x 50 cm (55% increase over Model Light)

Model T

• Made for Families, Businesses & Touring

• Human Powered or Electric

• Seats up to 2 Adults

Classic Pro

• Made for Businesses

• Human Powered or Electric

• Box styles can be configured in several different ways

• Box size 88 x 62 x 59 cm

• Can be customized to meet your needs!

"Wheel Chair Ready"

Model S

• Exciting mobility and accessibility solution

• Human Powered or Electric

• Features a High Capacity Box with Ramp

• Accommodates 1 wheelchair

• Box Size 99 x 73 cm

"Classic Bakfeits Long John Cargo Bike"

Model 2

• Made for Families & Businesses

• Human Powered or Electric

• Seats up to 2 children

• Traditional Bike Handling

• Box Size 63 x 38 x 40 cm

"Classic Christiania without a Box"

Classic Pro: Nobox

• Human Powered or Electric

• +30 platform is 30cm longer in front than the NoBox

• NoBox is the perfect customizable platform to meet all your needs!

"Christiania's Original Design"


• Box Size: 88 x 61,5 x 35 cm

• Designed to be used with all Christiania Models

• Available in a variety of sizes

Artisans & Agency Santa Cruz Christiania Bikes

When I had the opportunity to take my 96 year grandma on a bike tour of Santa Cruz after not seeing her for over a year from COVID-19, it was her first time on a bike in 80 years! We had the time of our lives! These bikes are amazing.


Reading my tea leaves Model Light

Having the bike has been life-changing. From getting our three kids around the city, to bringing home groceries and packing up picnics, to hauling supplies for apartment projects, we never run out of reasons to love this trike.

Model Taxi Christiania Bike

We absolutely love our Model T taxi bike. Our residents have enjoyed being able to get out and see our beautiful town where they otherwise wouldn't be able to. The bike helps those who are unable to walk long distances to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors.


Community Life Director

We take it all over town in all types of conditions and the kids can't get enough of it! Christiania Bikes America has stood by the bike 100% with any support we have needed.


I love it (the Model T taxi bike) because it gets you out in nature where you can see the world coming alive around this time of year. Its just relaxing and very enjoyable. It's something that I cant do often which makes it that much more special.

Resident of The Fountains at The Ablemarle


For orders not in stock, please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.


In stock bikes are available immediately.

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Artisans & agency

1368 Pacific Avenue,

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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