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The Model T and the many ways to use it!

The Model T and the many ways to use it!

Bike at any age, any stage of life!  The Model T is perfect for seniors, care communities and tour operators.  Designed for two passengers to sit in front side by side, the Model T is a great way to get seniors and people with mobility issues out into the air and weather!  The hood protects passengers against rain, wind and the sun and comes in four fun colors. 

These styles of bikes have been used by a variety of Cycling Without Age chapters around the world to allow people of all ages to still experience the joy of biking.  They are also perfect for retirement communities.  As explained by Julie Daugherty, the executive director of Fountains of the Albemarle retirement community, "Getting outside, exploring the greater community and enjoying the natural world are vital for all of us.  It's important to ensure age-related physical and cognitive changes don't short change seniors of the opportunity to do this.  The Model T provides the ideal and fun way to keep this crucial aspect of life possible."  

Check out our Model T bikes.

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