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Model T

SKU 5000
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  • The Model T bike is perfect for transporting people and going on outdoor adventures with friends and family!  Designed for two adult passengers to sit in front side by side. A great way to get seniors and people with mobility issues out into the air and sunshine!  Whatever the weather, the model T is excellent for retirement homes, tour operators, theme parks, hotels and organizations that advocate for seniors. 

    Images shown are the Model T with Electric Assist

  • 8-speed Internal w/ Mechanic Roller Brake

    rearDrive + 8-speed External w/ Hydraulic Disc Brake

    midDrive Pro I5

    midDrive Pro X8

  • Weight: 30kg

    Dimensions: 187 × 87 × 117 cm

    Box Size: 168 L

    Turning radius: 503 cm

    Rim: Made in the EU; aluminum alloy; single-bounded

    Handlebar: Own design, made in Denmark, galvanized steel

    Front Frame: Aluminum alloy in mat black finish; assembled in Denmark

    Wheel Brackets: Galvanized steel, made in Denmark

    Wheels: Made in Denmark, wheel size: 24"

    Spokes: Made in the EU; 2.33 mm stainless steel

    Chain: High-end chain made of galvanized or stainless steel

    Rear Frame: Aluminum alloy in mat black finish, assembled in Denmark

    Payload: 100 kg

    Box: Internal dimensions 63 x 62 x 50/36 cm +/- 0.5 cm, hand built in Denmark

    Permissible max weight: 230kg

    Hub: Own designed front hubs; made for heavy loads; made of aluminum alloy; with deep groove ball-bearings.

    Wood: 9 mm birch of highest quality, from the EU, FSC certified, water-proof

    Mudguards: 24" stainless steel

    Steering: Danish made steering system with high-end German made steering damper

    Comply with: Directive 2014/30/EU, Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, Standard EN 15914