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Bench w/ Safety Belt

SKU 3308.0001
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  • The bench is a versatile and a very durable solution and is delivered with a lap safety belt. The bench is suitable for one or two children and can be used both with y-belts and/or the lap safety belt. The bench can also be used as a lockable box by using the steel bracket and the eccentric lock that can be locked together safely with a standard u-lock. The bench can also easily be dismounted and put away in case you need to use all the space of the box.

  • The bench is made of our very strong 9 mm birch plywood which is sourced from FSC approved plywood from the EU only. The bench is processed in Denmark according to our drawings and treated with weather resistant oil in our factory. It is fixed to the box with strong stainless bolts and has a payload of 100 kilograms. It is delivered with a lap safety belt, bolt assembly, brackets and an eccentric lock.

  • Model S, Model 2, Model Class

  • Weight- 1.75kg

    Payload- 100kg

    Material- 9 mm FSC approved birch plywood