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Beach Biking

Beach Biking

One of our favorite places to bike to is the beach and it is easy for us as we live just 10 minutes from the beach.  But before we had our bike we didn't make it there as often as you would think!  Even though we could walk easily, who wants to haul all that gear walking and dealing with potential whining from some family members, not to mention the reverse trip home!

The best part of biking is not having to search for a parking space once you arrive!  And instead of having to lug all the gear from the car, you can roll right up to the sand and unpack. 

On the flip side when it is time to go home you don't have to lug everything back.  Getting sandy kids in the bike means easy clean up too--no sand in the car!  I'd much rather sweep out the bike then vacuum the car any day.  

Plus the ride just becomes part of the fun of going.  Our favorite beach in Santa Cruz is Seabright, but we also love biking to Natural Bridges and bringing a picnic.  






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