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MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
Transporting Your Bike

Transporting Your Bike

We've done a variety of transporting options with Christiania cargo bikes.  We understand that you'll love your bike so much you will want to take it with you places.  We've taken our bike from Santa Cruz to the Sierras, to bike Tahoe, to San Francisco, to Half Moon Bay and to Yosemite.

We have also delivered them by truck within the Greater Bay Area.  Here is a bike on its way to its new home.

We've had customers come the shop in Santa Cruz to prepared to pick up their bike in a sprinter van.

Christiania Bike delivery

Most recently we have delivered and transported our own bike using a trailer rack that attaches to a trailer hitch.  

When we have wanted to move more than one bike we rented a trailer to do the job.  Check out these blog posts about our trip to Half Moon Bay and also to Yosemite.

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