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Blue Cargo bike transporting furniture

Cargo Carrying Christiania

One of our favorite things while looking at #christianiabike on instagram is to see what people have carried in their bike.  People moving big things like couches!  From surf boards to Christmas trees, bagels to vegetables to dogs and more.  Runs to big box stores like Costco, IKEA and Home Depot to hitting their favorite small businesses. Here a round up of some things we've moved in our bikes.

We once moved a whole store, (just down the street to another location) but I've got to say biking there even with smaller loads than a car was 100 times more efficient and more fun.

Christiania Cargo bike carrying chilewich rugs
Cargo bike transporting furniture.

I do think this was the largest box I've ever taken to be shipped for Artisans & agency in the bike.  Local artwork on it's way to a new home.

Artisans Cargo bike carrying furniture

While we try and reuse as much bubble wrap as possible sometimes you just got buy more!  This bike full should last awhile!

blue Cargo bike transporting bubble wrap

What can you carry in your bike?

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