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Favorite Accessories

Favorite Accessories

When we first got our bike we set it up with a bench with a lap belt, a Y-belt for our littlest, a Bugatti rain hood and that was it!  Oh and of course a bell--every very bike comes with a bell!


But as our customers starting ordering accessories for their bikes, it got me thinking, "Oh yeah that would be nice" and we started adding to our bike.

The first thing we got was a seat cushion for the bench. I immediately felt guilty that we hadn't gotten one for the kids earlier.  We have black, which is most popular, but I love it when people order different colors to add a little pop to their bike.  Here's a blue with blue combo.

There are two types of hoods--the Bugatti and Prairie.  In choosing between the two, it really is a lot about which style you prefer the look of.  One benefit of the Bugatti is that it is a little easier to retract it if you are going from wet/cold to sunshine.  Another great thing about the hoods is that they keep little fingers out of reach of the wheels, but there are also wheel covers for that. For both bikes the black hood is the most popular, but like the bikes and seat cushions, they come in a fun range of colors.  And if you live some place warm, you might want a sun roof.  I love how the cream bugatti looks with this black bike.  

Next thing I got for our bike was a rubber mat for the bottom of the box.  It is nice to not have things rattling around in there when you are biking over bumps.  I used to feel like you could hear me coming if I was biking without my kids and things were bouncing around in bottom of my bike.  A floor mat provides a little extra cushion for your cargo, and you can pull it out and hose it down if anything spills in your bike.

Next a customer ordered a handlebar bag.  And that seemed like a great idea too!  It freed up room in the box for my kiddos who were getting bigger, and it is easy to remove and carry when we get where we are going. I also decided to throw in a water bottle holder at the same time, although its holding boba in this picture...

One of the most popular accessories is the garage.  As soon as winter hits, we start shipping these out to people eager to give their bike a little more protection.  Another option for weather protection is keeping either your bugatti or praire hood on or using a rain cover to protect the interior of your box.

Cargo bike garage

Another accessory people often add when purchasing their bike is a frame lock.  This lock isn't meant to be your only form of protection, but it is great if you're running in to pick up a kid or cup of coffee and will be right back.  We often use a chain lock and frame lock in tandem for extra protection.

Other popular accessories are the dog hook and of course lights.  Which accesories do you want for your bike?  The great thing is you can add as you go, just like we did!

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