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MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
Battery Range

Battery Range

We often get asked, "What's the battery range?"  Or, "How often do you have charge your battery.  The answer isn't a simple one because of two main factors. 

1.  What type of cargo are you carrying?  Answer--If you're carrying one adorable little one or a dog, you will get much more range than when my husband carries me home in the bike with a full cart of groceries from the store! (We have a rear drive with a ProMovec battery, but the same factors apply to the Shimano midDrive)

2.  What's the terrain like where you live?  Is it hilly?  Is it flat?  Is it both!

For us, if we're just going back and forth to work, school pick ups and the grocery store, our battery will last us at least a couple of days.  We live in a combination hilly, flat area and our kids are big kids now.  (Our middle school daughter sometimes makes us drop her off a block away from school).

Another good marker for us is that 1 battery will take one of us and two kids 12 miles round trip to our favorite state park Wilder Ranch and the ride is a mixture of terrain.

In terms of charge time, it takes about 6 hrs to fully charge a battery.  As far as we can tell for price of electricity in our area it costs us way less than a $1 to charge our battery--definitely a bang for your buck!

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