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Rear-drive versus mid-drive

Rear-drive versus mid-drive

When we got our first Christiania Bike, electric assist was not an option. So we were very happy pedaling around. Of course we were younger and our kids were smaller. School, the grocery store and the beach are close, and it was a wonderful way to get around the neighborhood.

Model Light bike ride, mother and son

Then, a few years ago, we began to get lots of requests for electric assist bikes. We ordered our first E-Christianias in 2018, and riding one was a revelation! Our range increased from just the neighborhood to anywhere in the whole city. Carrying both kids was not a problem, even on the hills we had learned to avoid. Date nights to restaurants across town became easy.  And we were still together outside with the wind in our faces, and still not driving, and still getting exercise. We could enjoy everything wonderful about a Christiania Bike, plus greater range.

As E-bikes have become much more available, Christiania Bikes has worked hard to develop two great e-assist systems with two fantastic partners-Denmark's ProMovec for the rear hub drive system, and cycling colossus Shimano for the cargo bike specific midDrive system. Lets compare them...

First-the rear drive by Aarhus, Denmark based Promovec. The system, including the batteries is manufactured in Denmark, just like Christiania Bikes. It features a robust 36 V 17.4 aH 626.4 wH battery rated for 1,000 charge cycles that mounts on a rear carrying rack. The battery powers a rugged motor located in the rear wheel's hub. There is a twist throttle and a handlebar display that shows speed, state of charge, adjustable assist levels and distance traveled. It is a solid, utilitarian system, and in offering it, Christiania is providing a fantastic value. Our family has two bikes with this system with about 15,000 trouble free Kilometers. We love the system and have shipped many to happy customers all around the United States.

Christiania Model Light with Red cargo box

Next- After a lot of preliminary work, Christiania offers an OEM midDrive system by Shimano. This system operates very quietly and unobtrusively, but delivers 84nM of torque, which is a lot for a class 3 e-Bike. It has been designed specifically for cargo bikes, and It will get you up steeper hills more easily than the rear drive, and provide a refined, state of the e-Bike art experience.


rear drive-

   a great value- excellent functionality and reliability for the price

   performs well in flat or slightly hilly areas


   Very quiet and refined performance, but quite powerful

   Performs well everywhere,  including areas with more or steeper, longer hills


rear drive-

  with a loaded bike, large pilot or passengers, it can be more difficult to get up steeper hills

   Not loud by any means, but a bit louder than the midDrive


   A bit more expensive 

So- If you have been feeling that it is time for an electric family cargo bike in your life, Christiania Bikes offers the original family cargo bike, with two very good E-drive options to choose from. An electric cargo bike will keep you out of the car, and out in the sunshine, and every day can include an adventure! Reach out anytime with any questions you might have!


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