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MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
Seating Options

Seating Options

One of the best things about the Christiania bike is how versatile it is.  Some days I'm biking around a bunch of kids and some days my husband is taking me out on date night!  The seating options are not just limited for just one configuration or type of passenger.  

For most Christiania bikes, the standard set up is a bench seat with an adjustable lap belt, as shown below.  

You can add a Y belt to your set up for any little ones.  And you can use a Y belt and lap belt in tandem.  When we got our first bike, my son was a little guy and our daughter was older.  So we would put the Y belt on my son and then the lap belt across both kids.  The age range for a Y belt is similar to having your kid in carseat.

And then a bench cushion makes the whole set up really comfy for kids and grown ups alike!  Black is most popular, but it is also fun to add a pop of color, like this green one.

One of the best things about having a bench is the storage option below the bench!  And you can add a lock to your box for security.  We keep our bench box stocked with a light weight picnic blanket, a towel, extra kid bike helmet for impromptu play dates and few extra random supplies.

 With a straight box, you can also add tip up seats.  This blue bike below has seating for 4 kids with a combination of a bench and 2 tip up seats.

For seating for more than four kids, you'll need to move up from the classic to the long.  This one is set up with 4 tip up seats and one bench.

Another option in a straight box is to have benches on either side, so passengers face each other. 

This one shows two benches in a classic and below two benches in a long.

If you are looking to bike with a little baby, you can mount a lap belt to the bottom of the box and strap in your infant car seat as you would in the car.  This blog post gives the low down on how one family biked with their infant.

Just another way you can configure your bike to make work best for your needs!




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