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MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
More Dog Bike Life!

More Dog Bike Life!

Our second round up of furry friends!  Link here to the first round up.

When we first started selling Christiania bikes we knew they would be great for kids, but we hadn't really thought about the demand for fur babies.  

We quickly realized when every other call or email we got was for people looking for their pups!  

Puppy in a cargo bike

If you're looking for doggie, the classic short is perfect if you just plan to carry a dog and some gear.  

But if your pooch is traveling with other members of the family the original classic is the best with room for everyone.  Artisans & Agency Santa Cruz Christiania Bikes

One feature that dog lovers love for both bikes is the front door that latches, letting dogs easily in and out.  

Check out our instagram round up of some of our best and cutest customers!


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