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Biking in San Francisco

Biking in San Francisco

We took the bike to San Francisco, which is only an hour and half from Santa Cruz.  Prior to this trip, I had only biked in SF once and that was in Golden Gate Park for Open Streets day as a kid.  I've been wondering about biking in the city and curious how the hills and traffic would feel.  

We biked up to Alamo Square to visit the park and the Seven Sisters (of Full House Fame).  This is a good size San Francisco hill, but we powered up no problem.  The swings at this park seriously have the best view.

Then we biked on down to Hayes Valley for a sweet treat.  We discussed getting hot chocolate since it was a typical foggy San Francisco day or candy and landed on getting both to share.

A favorite family stop is Miette where the tasty treats are arranged so beautifully.  We got an assortment of licorice, chocolate and sour candies.

And we stopped to take some pictures of the bike here and there.

Lots of great murals and doorways to appreciate.

We had a great time and have some routes and destinations in mind for our next visit.

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