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Taking Your Christiania Out of Town

I've been dying to take our bikes out into the world and bike other places (dreaming of riding our bikes on rail trails across the country).  Since we don't drive much, we did a test run today to see if we're "hauling a trailer" kind of people.  We rented a Haul trailer for $14.95 for the day and headed up the coast.

We choose the bike path in Half Moon Bay.  It is only an hour from our house and we could park easily at the State parks with our park pass.  The drive went smooth and we hit the bike trail.  


The trail goes right by the ocean and was a little bumpy in places where it isn't paved, but the bikes handled it just fine.  We picked a spot to picnic and enjoy the view.  


I think we're ready to hit the road a little further from home, perhaps Yosemite this Fall!

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