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Spotting Murals While Biking

Spotting Murals While Biking

One thing we love about biking is that pulling over and stopping isn't a big deal.  Its not like you have to search for a parking space and even get out of the car.  You can just roll right up and have a moment to check things out, like murals.  Santa Cruz has lots of murals and here a few we spotted while out.

We saw this one taking kids to a nature camp at UCSC.

Murals Christiania Bikes

This mural was our own creation.  It exists out the back door of our shop in downtown Santa Cruz.  The plain concrete wall already had stripes and one day I asked Peter if he would paint it into a rainbow and was a little surprised when he quickly said sure!  I'm so glad he did--It continues to make me happy and lots of others.  It is a pretty regular selfie spot.

Rainbow wall Christiania Cargo bike

This one might look familiar (its the lead photo on our website).  Always a sucker for a rainbow, Olaf and I stumbled across this lovely wall on our way home from trying out a new park on the other side of town.

Christiania Model Light

Aquatic life is definitely a theme with murals in Santa Cruz.  Olaf was obsessed with octopus when he excitedly found this one.

Octopus wall mural santa cruz

At Eloise's school, they gave kids a Santa Cruz scavenger hunt and this mural was part of it.  I was rather shocked the amount of times I had ridden by and not previously noticed this one near the Boardwalk.

Santa Cruz Street Art Ocean Wall

The city of Santa Cruz just had another round of murals done this past year so I'm sure we will be adding to our list!

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