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MAY is BIKE MONTH! Save $500 with promo code MAY.
Door Dash?

Door Dash?

Our first Christiania bike was a cream non electric that we still have and LOVE.  As our kids got bigger we decided to make the change to an electric bike, a decision we only wish we made sooner as we doubled the amount we biked.  We also made the change from no door to having a door.  Having had both, here are my thoughts...

Having a door is great for saving your back from lifting little kids in and out.  It is so nice for little kiddos (and parents) to experience a little independence getting themselves in and out of the bike when they are not yet big enough to maneuver using the footstep option on the side for climbing.  That being said, every time you pick your kiddo up is an opportunity to snuggle them and remember this phase of their life is fleeting you set them in their seat.

The door is also great for doggies, particularly little ones who can't hop in or old sweet pups who need a little assistance.  The majority of our door bike box sales are for pup passengers.

However, this same set rules goes for grown up passengers--those with little legs or a little older appreciate having the door for easy access.  Just remember with grown ups to have them step straight to the center of the box or have the biker already seated so that the balance of weight isn't an issue.

One other issue with having a door is doing your due diligence to make sure it is locked and closed.  You don't want to find yourself biking down a hill and your precious cargo rolling out the front door!

Ultimately this another great way to customize your bike to work best for your lifestyle.  Isn't it great to have choices!  

* Cover blog image and first image are from a post on Erin Boyle's blog Reading My Tea Leaves where she writes about their family bike.


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